Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Trevelyan's Mainframe - FILE: Runway, Service / Twenty Years Removed

Unfortunately, old boy, we’re in a bit of a rush here. As the Russian army quickly scrambles to pick themselves up behind you, you must prepare to make your daring escape! Welcome to the service runway for the chemical warfare facility #2, though it doesn’t do anyone any good to stick around too long… So, prepare yourself. It is time to blaze through the brief-yet-action-packed third level of GOLDENEYE 007.

Just to take a step back in observance, even though as 006 I despise the foolish 007, the man behind the number is a different story. I respect and admire each actor that has donned the silver screen tuxedo. Every once in a while, we are given a poignant reminder of how temporary life really is, so moving forward, I would like to dedicate the remainder series to the memories provided to me by the legendary Sir Roger Moore. On behalf of Janus, here’s to you Mr. Moore, for you were the best!

Now, with the fondest of memories properly chilled, on to the dirty business. It seems as though these sections of the GOLDENEYE files have been serving you well in your research, so we find it valuable to continue. Now, ready your notepad, friend. For as always, before we dig into my mainframe files on level three of GOLDENEYE 007, let’s see what those MI6 puppets had to say at the time. I suppose in some respects, the do deserve a fair shake, after all. Here is the original transcript we were able to intercept from Her Majesty’s government. 

The service runway is the obvious escape route from the Arkhangelsk chemical weapons facility. 
006 knew this was going to be a risky mission. His sacrifice should give you enough time to find an aircraft. Keep a cool head and you’ll get out alive. Just be certain to knock out the heavy gun emplacements and missile battery or they’ll swat you out of the air like a silly fly. 
No time for gadgets here, 007. Just improvise with what you can find close to hand.  
Grace under pressure, as always, James. 

As you’ve undoubtedly scribbled down your primary notes, I’ll take you through the real story behind the service dam. After Bond perpetuated through our plan set in place, this was the final step. Realistically, the Russians wouldn’t have allowed anybody to survive such a militaristically aggressive assault on one of their covert facilities. However, as we had already arranged an agreement with the Russians as explained previously, Bond was virtually allowed to use one of their decommissioned tanks to make his way down the runway and ‘steal’ one of their planes. Of course, the plane had a tracking device installed, and the rest as they say in the States, is history. James had already witnessed my ‘murder’ as well as completed his primary objective of destroying the bottling room within the facility. We needed all things to finish out, so Bond taking off from the runway was the final piece of the puzzle. Finishing touches included having the Siberian Guard (Arkhangelsk) and Russian Soldier characters actively pursuing Bond along his way to the plane. 

Extra intel was available in within the mainframe on the runway reported by fellow Janus agents that I thought important enough to supply for you here. In the level’s original design, a motorcycle was supposedly going to be featured as a ridable vehicle for Bond to use to make it to the stunt plane before it plummeted off the cliff to replicate the runway scene from the movie version of GOLDENEYE. Similarly, the tank was not going to be featured in the runway level, but once it was tested and was found fun to use on the level, it replaced the motorcycle as a vehicle for Bond as it was more functional within the space provided. Before this decision, the tank was going to set aside exclusively for the streets level later in the game. According to several filed reports, the loading bay and bay doors of the facility seen in the photo above also serve as the main entrance of the facility, as there is no other possible way in that Bond comes across during the facility, dam, or runway levels. 
In the glitch related category, there isn’t too much, However, once the level is completed with any cheats activated, the ending scene plays a bit oddly as the music cuts before the final note can be heard. This can only be assumed as a mistake, as nothing to dispel this belief has been confirmed by this organization at this time. A more known piece of information includes the alternative exit of the facility loading bay. Instead of going though one of the bay doors, Bond can turn to his left, hop onto the conveyer belt, and walk down the conveyer ramp to exit the building just like in the film. 

My own memories of playing though the third level of GOLDENEYE 007 are rather slim. Out of all the single player missions, this one felt the most simplified. Perhaps that was part of the level’s charm? I’m not too sure. Just jumping into the tank and getting to the plane didn’t really do it for me. With that said, I did like the element of the level just being a firefight to Bond’s escape, and if he made it, the big payoff was to zoom off in the plane and leave all the destruction behind. I’ll admit I never really adopted a love for runway, but appreciated it as the final piece of the beginning act of the game. Also, using the tank was fun here, but I found using it during the streets level to be much more fun so that was never really enough for me. Plus, I found the several mini-gun drones to be supremely annoying… And I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. All in all, runway was usually a level I wouldn’t go out of my way to play. I appreciated its difficulty and uniqueness within the level lineup, though. 

Well, what else can I say? I warned you this would have to be quick. Runway was an escape level, after all! At this point, the third level file of GOLDENEYE 007 has been complete and you’re well on your way to all the information you need to know surrounding the 1998 video game. I’ll give you credit for making it this far but, the true test awaits you among the snowcapped surface of Severnaya. Will you survive the harsh cold or will closing time come early for you? I suppose we’ll find out together…

- End transmission, Trevelyan. 

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