Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Pierce Brosnan remembers Sir Roger Moore on Variety

Four-time James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan wrote a remembrance of former 007 star Sir Roger Moore, who has passed away last week, on today's issue of Variety. In the article, the GOLDENEYE star reflected on the impact Moore's career in his life, long before he succeeded him in the role of James Bond.

"Roger was the man — the world was at his feet. He was most gracious to the children and myself," Brosnan wrote, remembering his childhood fascination with THE SAINT, the time his late wife Cassandra Harris appeared as one of Moore's Bond girls in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY and the day when Moore visited him on the set of GOLDENEYE at Leavesden.

"We fell in love with a magnificent actor," Brosnan continued. "Never forgetting the audience, never letting the begrudgers in, Sir Roger enthralled the world for many years as Bond. Sir Roger played it to the end with impeccable good manners and a wicked sense of irony that was born of years upon the stage."

Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore are often considered by the moviegoers as the ones who offered the most comical portrayals of Ian Fleming's character onscreen. At the same time, both actors were well known for their philantropic activities off the big screen: Moore as an UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Brosnan with many wildlife associations. 

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