Sunday, 23 April 2017

GoldenEra: The Story Behind GoldenEye 007

Australian-based company Rollercoaster Films is working on a documentary telling the story behind GOLDENEYE 007, the Nintendo 64 classic based on the 1995 film, celebrating its two decades in August.

Featuring interviews with the game developers as well as gaming experts from sites like Gamespot and Kutaku, this feature will tell the "fascinating" story behind the making of the game, focusing on the challenges of an inexperienced team given the James Bond licence and how their hard work resulted in one of the most critically acclaimed video games in history.

To make the documentary a reality, Rollercoaster Films have set up an IndieGoGo account to reach the sum of $85000 . You can contribute by clicking here and recieve some special rewards for the donations, such as wallpapers and videos. 

Stay tuned to The GoldenEye Dossier for more data on this project as well as some features on GOLDENEYE 007's 20th anniversary in our social network channels.

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