Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Is Pierce Brosnan starring in Deadpool 2 opposite Hugh Jackman?

A photo posted by Ryan Reynolds showing him with Hugh Jackman and Pierce Brosnan has aroused suspicions that the GOLDENEYE star may have a part in DEADPOOL 2, probably Cable, the present day son of X-Men leader Cyclops. 
Nothing of this has been confirmed and the film is set to start shooting in June 2017. In case this is official, it would be the first time a Bond actor takes a part in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Brosnan's latest work, a miniseries titled THE SON, will premiere on AMC later this year. 

Thanks to Danny Luong for the alert.


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    The character debuted in New Mutants in 1991 and is a gladiator who is the master of virtually every weapon imaginable. He can also convert sonic vibrations around him into sonic blasts, all while wearing a kick-ass helmet that allows his ponytail to flow freely. In addition to fans loving the character because of how he represents everything going on in comics in the '90s, the reveal in a 2009 issue of X-Factor that Shatterstar was in a same-sex relationship with a teammate marked a major step forward for LGBTQ representation in the medium.

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