Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Watch 30 minutes of GoldenEye 007 for XBLA

Rare Thief has published an exclusive video with never-before-seen footage of the GoldenEye 007 video game remake for the XBOX Live Arcade console. The game was set for a 2007 release, but due to copyright reasons it never saw the light.

In the video we see a player browsing trough the menu (slightly different to the original "folders"), and passing some of the missions like Dam, Facility, Surface and Cradle - all with updated graphics. Maybe due to legal restrictions, the face of Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean were discarded for the likeness of similar looking actors.

It was a pity not to have this one in our hands, but at least the GoldenEye Source v5.0 mod is a more than efficient replacement of the multiplayer mode.

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  1. It is a pity that this game never saw the light of day.