Sunday, 14 August 2016

GoldenEye: Source gets 5.0 update

GOLDENEYE: SOURCE is back with a vengance. Featuring updated graphics and maps, this HALF LIFE 2 mod brings you those memorable days of your childhood in the Nintendo 64 multiplayer mode to the screen of your PC.

First released in 2005, this mod is the true heir of the 1997 Rareware game based on Pierce Brosnan's debut as James Bond. The many fans of this game -and those who became fans of the movie and even the 007 franchise thanks to it- were not pleased to see that GOLDENEYE 007 didn't make it to the XBLA system, after legal issues cancelled this version in 2004.

While the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 remakes of the original from 2010 didn't capture the feeling of the 1997 title, GOLDENEYE: SOURCE is a freeware version made by fans who have enjoyed and studied every frame of the Martin Campbell movie.

This 5.0 update, the major since 2013, adds new characters: two versions of the Russian soldiers add up to Bond, Alec, Ourumov, Oddjob, Valentin, Mayday, Jaws, Mishkin and Baron Samedi. It also features better graphics of the original maps and also adds the Dam and Depot levels from the original game.

The music, composed in part by hard-core GOLDENEYE fan Yannick Zenhausern, pays tribute both Graeme Norgate & Grant Kirkhope's tunes for the Rareware game as well as Eric Serra's album for the 1995 film.

Other improvements include the bots' AI, who is considerably smarter than in the previous versions. 

The real shame, tough, is that in the Dam map we can't fall down the dam. But, all the rest is a true testimony of the love this people have for the film and the game that made many of us enjoy our childhood, teens and even the adult life.

Times change, but GOLDENEYE: SOURCE is a great way to bring those times back for a while.

You can download the mod at the GOLDENEYE: SOURCE official site.

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