Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The GoldenEye Experience

James Bond fans from around the world -from moviegoers to collectors and site editors- tell us that first experience of that magic day in 1995, when the theatre lights faded leading to the famous white dots that introduced the new face of 007 we've been missing for six years...

"The thing I remember most about GOLDENEYE was waiting so long for a new Bond movie! It was incredible to receive the teaser poster on gold foil paper... the coolest ever, with the tagline: "There is no substitute." Tina Turner's Theme was on constant replay for three weeks leading up to the film. I was working in the in the USA, so it was the first time I ever saw a 007 movie on the big screen in any other Country than Canada, for the first time. I watched it at a theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota"
- Murray Gillespie (James Bond Expert), Canada.

"Can't believe it's been already 20 years. The first time I've watched GOLDENEYE was on cable TV, channel TELECINE to be precise. It was the first airing of the movie in Brazilian TV and I was at home with one of my oldest friends, Yuri, and I recall that we went crazy comparing scene by scene from the movie with the game GOLDENEYE 007 for Nintendo 64, which was the reason that lead me to the franchise. A week or so after that, I went to a local home-video store and rent all the Bond movies released in VHS until that time, and watched one by day. The rest is history..."
   - Marcos Kontze (Editor, James Bond Brasil), Brazil.

"GOLDENEYE was my first ever Bond film I saw in the cinema. I remember the day well as I went together with my mother and we initially wanted to see DANGEROUS MINDS, with Michelle Pfeiffer. Minutes after we were seated to watch that film, the projector broke down and we were offered free entry to the other cinema which had GOLDENEYE. Without knowing what it was, we took the tickets instead of letting the afternoon go to waste. That day, when Bond jumped from the Dam and an action extravaganza unfolded in front of me on the screen, I was hooked on 007. Now, almost 20 years later, I have found my place in the Bond Fan universe and have met so many new friends with whom I can share this wonderful passion. My charity documentary "A Bond For Life", which will premiere in March 2016 in support of UNICEF, retraces important stations of my fan life and I am amazed how James Bond has changed almost every aspect of my life during these 20 years."
  - Benjamin Lind (Editor in Chief, The Bond Bulletin), Germany.

"Everytime a Bond film is released I feel happy and excited, but with GOLDENEYE I had a rather special feeling. A special enthusiasm that I never again felt with any of the following Bond movies. GOLDENEYE didn't disappoint me and Brosnan proved to be the ideal 007 for the 1990s. It was a film that marked me forever, and taught me to live with no limits, no fears and no substitutes!"
  Pat Carbajal (Drawing artist), Argentina.

"I remember watching GOLDENEYE for the first time in 2010. It was on a Sunday evening, and I even remember telling my Dad to turn it off because I wanted to watch something else. I'm glad he didn't because I was soon absolutely captivated. I watched it endlessly on the Internet, and bought the DVD within days. It's now my favourite movie, I can recite it word by word. I've made so many friends thanks to this movie. I'm glad it's part of my life."
  Amy Stoneman, United Kingdom

"I remember it like yesterday. After countless play-throughs of its Nintendo 64 counterpart, a VHS copy of GOLDENEYE was finally in my possession. Boughten from the movie section of a grocery store (the same place I'd find a copy of THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH a few years later), was what would become my favorite movie of all time. The game fascinated me. The movie enchanted me. I played it over and over for years. I could quote it line for line. All other VHS tapes became replaceable. As much as this tape and I were inseparable, not even that could save it from the inevitable. Over years of so many plays, my copy of GOLDENEYE would unravel from its casing and be rendered unplayable. I had literally played it until failed me! Today, I own three copies of the film in three different formats, so I'll never have to be without it again. GOLDENEYE was my introduction  to the world of 007, where I've lived happily ever since!"
- Austin Skinner, United States

"Since I was quite young I remember my first moments with GOLDENEYE just vaguely. I owned the N64 videogame before I even saw the movie. That way I got acquainted with all the characters and the dark, industrial feel of that particular part of the franchise. What followed was a love relation that lasts till today.  My best friend and I watched the movie again and again. We've listened to Eric Serra's dark score even at school during math lessons (explains a lot). We've recreated scenes at home and I even years later, in fact still today, especially in wintertime, I walk around with the GGOLDENEYE soundtrack on my mp3-player and have the tracks on loop in the car. I feel like being in the 'GOLDENEYE world'. The incomplete GOLDENEYE soundtrack release was the first reason why I started composing. I wanted to recreate particular tracks that were not released - for my own pleasure.  GOLDENEYE is my all time favorite movie. It's done so much for me and it's such an amazing production, I can't even find the words for it. Now can you imagine how I felt when I visited the famous dam from the opening sequence?"
- Yannick  Zenhäusern (GoldenEye Source composer), Switzerland.

"In 1995 I was together with some friends in London for the Premiere of GOLDENEYE, and there was also a meeting of the "International Bond Fan Club" by Graham Rye. Two days later I had a Ticket for a  second premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square. My strongest memory was, that a lot of the people jumped up and a gave a martial cry when Bond reached the airplane aftre the jump in the pre-title sequence."

"I remember my first GOLDENEYE memory. I was in cinema with my brother and parents in 1995. I was 14 then. And I was despised of that PTS scene where Bond catches up with his airplane in mid air. My very first Bond film in cinema was LICENCE TO KILL"
 - Gert Waterink, The Netherlands.

"In the early 90's it seemed that there would not be another Bond film so the build up was incredibly exciting, I could not wait to see those white dots to grace the screen. All was right in the universe again."
- Pat Carroll, USA.

"GOLDENEYE was the first Bond film I ever saw. After the amazing bungee stunt, I knew this was something special. After this moment I became a Bond fan."
-Morten Steingrimsen (
James Bond-magasinet
), Norway.

"The first time I seen Pierce Brosnan as James Bond I was 8 years old. It made become an actor and made me want to become the next Bond. Because of him I am making my own James Bond fan film and every time that his 007 films came out I went to the cinema to see him. He's still Bond to me. He's my hero and there will never be another actor to take the part of Bond and do a better part than him."
-Paul Cusack, Ireland

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