Friday, 2 October 2015

GOLDENEYE 20 - Marketing

The marketing team for GOLDENEYE had to prove James Bond was back after six years of absence and had to make justice to the new face of 007, Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, and to his new girls and enemies. Needless to say, they achieved their task with great success with an explosive campaign.

Based on an image taken by John Stoddart, Randy Braun and Earl Klasky from the Insync + BemisBalkind agency designed a teaser poster for the US market showing a close up of Bond's eye aiming his Walther PPK handgun, hued in gold and evoking the film's title. The tagline: "There is no substitute". 

In Europe, a more traditional artwork was seen: a shot of Pierce Brosnan, taken by Terry O'Neill, holding his gun dressed with a black dinner jacket opposite the 007 logo with a tagline reading: "You know the name, you know the number".

The final one-sheet poster presented a collage of explosions, vehicles and action scenes and the faces of Pierce Brosnan, Izabella Scorupco and Famke Janssen, creating a memorable graphic campaign.

Theatres also delivered an explosive trailer where the new 007 walked trough the camera and, as his face was revealed, he asked: "You were expecting someone else?", moments before many action sequences invaded the screen upon Parodi Fair's acclaimed Bond theme version.

Smirnoff vodka, Cagiva, BMW, Yves Saint-Laurent and Perrier also joined the Bond marketing wagon with stunning graphic and audiovisual campaigns, as many memorabilia  -like trading cards, Corgi die-cast car replicas, action figures and toy guns- were also launched to the market.

As we're getting closer to GOLDENEYE's 20th anniversary, join us this October on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see the most memorable -and unseen- pieces of marketing for Bond's 17th outing, using the hashtags #goldeneye20 and #GEmarketing.

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