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Trevelyan's Mainframe - FILE: Seamaster Professional 300M, OMEGA / Twenty Years Removed

Well then, it seems you have stumbled upon another style piece. Good for you. Though, unlike the Brioni file you came across, the Omega pieces in question here come with a few extra tricks up their sleeve. As stylish as they seem, they’re doubly as deadly. With that, your codes to access this file check out and you may proceed onward. The following data is what we have on the Omega Seamaster Professional, twenty years removed from its GOLDENEYE appearance...

Transition begins with some typical base knowledge of James’ and my favorite watch model. If we both still agree on something, it’s that Omega builds a damn good time keeper. Launched in 1993, the Omega Seamaster Professional 300M Quartz model featured in GoldenEye was marketed as a professional diving watch. The second crown, positioned at ten o'clock, is a helium release valve that allows helium out of the watch while wearing it during a deep dive. Also equipped with a blue dial, quartz caliber, phosphorescent hands, water-resistant technology (up to three hundred meters), and a stainless steal body all make it safe to say that the base model of this Seamaster had quite a bit of hidden gadgets. Far before reaching the halls of Q-branch, mind you. However, once the old man got his hands on it in 1995, such resourceful things as a cutting laser and remote mine detonator were fashioned and housed in the Seamaster. Saving Bond’s life on a few difference occasions, might as well unfortunately add. It’s also noted here that GOLDENEYE would mark the first film Agent 007 would sport an Omega and he hasn’t looked back since. 

After serving him well in 1995, Bond would again enter the field wearing an Omega Seamaster Professional for 1997’s TOMORROW NEVER DIES According to a few entries in the mainframe, data suggests that the Seamaster Bond would opt for was the very similar chronometer version of his previous timepiece. Fitting the needs, several of our sources at the time confirmed said model was fully stocked, again housing an automatic caliber and an integrated detonator.

Similarly, in 1999’s THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, Bond would once again don the same watch model as before. However, this version would save Bond’s life on two different occasions utilizing two different functions. After being buried in several feet of snow with an unknown woman, our mainframe suggests that the dial of Bond’s Omega would illuminate small LED lights. These lights would be enough to help to gain back Bond’s and his companion’s bearings and escape from underneath the snowfall caused by the avalanche. With that said, more information on said female is desperately required, as her and Bond were able to escape a formidable branch of the Russian Special Services. Something operatives of our own have, on occasion, been unable to do. Her last known appearance documented by Janus was in former Russian mafia member, Valentine Zukovsky’s, casino. See her file and attached pictures for more details, will you? She remains as a person of high interest. Without straying, let us continue with the watch gadgets. Later on in THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, Bond would find himself trapped in a silo. Lucky for Bond, in the bezel of his Omega Semaster Professional hides a wire and accompanying grappling hook. With the press of the crown, the hook is revealed. Once the hook is fired and firmly attached to a secure grappling point, the bezel turns in the opposite direction, being able to lift Bond up and out of the silo. Quite handy, that blasted thing is.

By 2002, our mainframe suggests that James would equip himself with a piece similar to his previous three films. The Seamaster featured in this operation would again take claim to a remote detonator in place of its helium valve, operated by turning the stainless steel bezel. Reports and diagrams also suggest that a laser hidden in the crown of the watch could also be activated. Rather run-of-the-mill up until this point, no? I’m sure by now you have realized Janus technicians are far more creative... Unpredictability goes far longer, after all.

According to this mainframe, 2006’s CASINO ROYALE operation marks the ushering in of a new chapter for MI6. Dear James would see a change of hands, but not of wrists. The timepiece chosen for this mission would again be an Omega Seamaster Professional, but this time, it would come fashioned with a co-axial escapement. The tried and true blue dial, unidirectional rotating bezel, screw-down crown, helium escape valve and three hundred meter water resistant technology, would complete this predictable package. I suppose, according to the British, old ways are the best ways. We know better than that here, don’t we?

I suppose our opposition finally learned their lesson, as 2008 would mark the official end of James Bond wearing an Omega Seamaster Professional model on screen. QUANTUM OF SOLACE would kick off with Bond flaunting an Omega Planet Ocean as the Professional’s replacement. Her Majesty’s loyal terriers have decided to change with the times these days. I was beginning to think they’d never catch on. Always keep your enemies guessing, friend.

Side notes on the Omega Seamaster Professional include several data entries provided over the years of its activity associate with our opposite numbers. Firstly, models within the Omega Seamaster line have been produced since 1948. For the fortieth anniversary of James Bond films in 2002, a commemorative edition of the Omega Seamaster Professional was made available in limited numbers. The watch was identical to the basic Seamaster Professional, except a 007 logo was be inscribed in the blue dial and also machined into the caseback. The band also had 007 inscribed on the clasp. Omega would go on to release a special model of the Professional to coincide with the release of CASINO ROYALE. The variant would feature the 007 gun logo on the second hand and the rifle pattern on the watch face, this being a stylized representation of the opening gunbarrel sequence of most Bond movies. Impressively enough, the Omega Seamaster Professional 300M would sit on Bond’s wrist for five consecutive films over the course of eleven years. 

In conclusion, we have reason to believe that the old 300M may make a triumphant on-screen return in the future.  Nothing is certain yet, of course, however several moles within MI6’s global operations seem to suggest this to be the case. Both way, this model proved to serve Bond well, and blueprints to it and more recent models should be checked over thoroughly before you continue on in the field. Know your enemies. Besides, those fools in Q-branch make it easy enough for us, don’t they? Keep an eye out for these timepieces, as any models recovered could mean saving a life down the line for a fellow Janus Special Forces operative.

That’s the short of this one, old boy. It is our hope that as more information becomes available on such gadgets, it will be added to this file. The continued success of this organization depends on it. Now, stop staring at the clock. You have your orders…

And time ticks against you.

- End transmission, Trevelyan.

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