Tuesday, 1 September 2015

GOLDENEYE 20 - The Gadgets

Sometimes, James Bond needs more than wits to escape from a dangerous situation. Therefore, he relies on Q's gadgets and weapons that many times saved his life. Follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed in September to get the lowdown on this marvelous gizmos from GOLDENEYE with our hashtags #goldeneye20 and #GEgadgets.

Right as the story begins, 007 bungee-jumps trough a dam and relies on a piton gun that also features a cutting laser beam. As the film follows, gadget master Q will provide him with magnetic remote mines that can be detonated with his Omega Seamaster watch.

The V-class grenade hidden on Bond's Parker Pen, activated with three simple clicks, helps him to cause a massive explosion on Janus' base, allowing him and Natalya to escape. 007 also relies on the piton gun hidden on his black leather belt to escape from the Russian's imprisonment in St. Petersburg.

Following a tradition that first started in GOLDFINGER (1964), James Bond's vehicles in GOLDENEYE also feature hidden weapons and gadgets: the classic Aston Martin DB5 is equiped with a stereo that serves as a communication device with MI6, and his brand new BMW Z3 Roadster provides him with a radar, a parachute and Stinger missles behind the front headlights - ideal to unwind after a rough day at the office!

The villains also have their own exotic weapons, particularly the one that provides the film's title: the GoldenEye key. It activates two satellites, Petya and Mischa, used to destroy every electronic object on Earth except their stolen French helicopter Tiger.

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