Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Special GoldenEye tribute on MI6 Confidential Magazine #31

MI6 Confidential, the magazine for the famed 007 website MI6-HQ, will feature a number focusing on GOLDENEYE's twentieth anniversary, featuring exclusive interviews with director Martin Campbell, cinematograher Phil Méheux and stills photographer John Stoddart (read our interview here).

This issue will also feature the article "Luck and Fate," a retrospective look of our editor Nicolas Suszczyk on the success of GOLDENEYE and the triumphant insertion of James Bond into the 1990s.

Magazine contents:

  • Bond Reloaded - An exclusive interview with director Martin Campbell
  • Luck and Fate - The ingredients that launched Bond into the 1990s
  • The Legacy of GoldenEye - How Ian Fleming found his Jamaican solace
  • Golden Memories - The publicity and premiere for GoldenEye
  • Big Bangs - Filming the action for Pierce Brosnan's debut
  • The Man With The Golden Eye - Cinematographer Phil Meheux on setting the tone
  • Thinking Big, Seeing Small - The model unit and their in-camera effects
  • The Bond Connection - Behind the scenes of Guy Ritchie's The Man From U.N.C.L.E

The magazine is out now and can be ordered here for £7.00 +P&P

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