Thursday, 16 April 2015

Trevelyan's Mainframe - FILE: Ourumov, Arkady / Twenty Years Removed

So, you’ve decided to shift your focus onto our friend, the General, have you? How resourceful of you to make such a choice, as Ourumov was one of our closest associates. It’s a real shame things turned out the way they did for Arkady, as he was a very valuable asset to our organization… Nonetheless, your codes again check out and you may proceed with your findings. The following is what we have within the database for your subject, twenty years removed from his GOLDENEYE appearance.

Our transmission begins with some basic information on Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov, former Russian general and commander of the Russian Space Division. General Ourumov had the primary responsibility of overseeing and assuring the efficiency of the secret space-based weapon system at the Severnaya installation. His involvement with the Russian military predates 1986, making Ourumov a skilled and knowledgeable strategist. Since his involvement with the stealing of the TIGER Helicopter along with our operative Xenia Zergeyevna Onatopp and the GoldenEye key and firing codes, in 1995, German-born Gottfried John had been a busy man. Though he was killed in action at the hands of Her Magesty’s loyal terrier, James Bond, he would be resurrected through several roles until his untimely demise in 2014. One thing is for certain, General Ourumov held (and still holds) a position that our organization will never be able to replace… 

Following his role in GOLDENEYE, 1996 saw the release of the first feature-length film by the Brothers Quay entitled INSTITUTE BENJAMENTA, or THIS DREAM PEOPLE CALL HUMAN LIFE, starring Gottfried John as Herr Benjamenta. With puzzling and equally mysterious imagery being the film’s standard, General Ourumov was able to deliver a solid, grounded performance in the thick of the tide. The French-German drama film, THE OGRE, would also be released in 1996. John would transform into Chief Forrester to deliver a critically acclaimed performance, together with a very positively reviewed film. It would even garner an eighty-nine percent “fresh” on the unforgiving Rotten Tomatoes reviewing site.

One must understand while reading this file, Gottfried John made his legacy over the course of four decades. However, he is probably most known for two roles, one being our man Arkady Ourumov and the other, while donning the ceremonial ancient Roman swags of Jules César, in 1999’s ASTÉRIX AND OBÉLIX CONTRE CAESAR. Transcending within the realm of the comedy side of entertainment cinema seemed to be an easy task for Arkady, as the film was a financial success. Despite being the most expensive production in French film history; it would nearly double its budget in theatres across France, Italy and Germany.

Our data shows that the following year, Gottfried John would grace the American silver screen once again within the action film, PROOF OF LIFE. Though the film boasted headliner talent such as Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan, Gottfried John would not be lost in the shuffle. As Eric Kessler, he would aid in formulating an escape plan for he and Peter Bowman (David Morse) from a major jungle entrapment camp. The film proved to be a hit and several of its stars were nominated for Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

Two years would pass before another entry would be input in this mainframe. Jumping to then, the year 2002 would see Gottfried John’s next role as Friedrich von Schroder, in the BBC–HBO co-produced television biographical film about Winston Churchill entitled, THE GATHERING STORM. Encompassing the time and events in Churchill’s life before World War II, a slightly different story would be told. Coincidently enough, Churchill would be played by Albert Finney, also known as Kincade in 2012’s SKYFALL! Small world indeed... But, I digress. The General would play a smaller role in this piece, but a noteworthy one nonetheless.

According to file dates, Gottfried John would garner a few smaller roles until the year 2005. Once again, the Brothers Quay would seek out General Ourumov for their second feature-length film, also marking their first film in nearly ten years, THE PIANO TUNER ON EARTHQUAKES. As the murderous Dr. Emmanuel Droz, Arkady Ourumov would take the life of opera signer Malvina van Stille during an on-stage performance. The dangerousness of the General would again be realized through this role, just as he once displayed against James Bond, along side the Janus Syndicate. 

After several more made-for-television films that seem to have escaped our records, the final entry for our subject is the 2009 bio-pictorial film entitled, JOHN RABE. Ourumov would become German Ambassador Trautmann. The film, compared to important titles such as SCHINDLER'S LIST and THE BOY IN STRIPED PIJAMAS, met majorly positive reviews. The film would go on to be nominated for and win seven German Film Awards; among them such honors include Best Film, Best Actor, Best Production Design and Best Costume Design. 

Side notes on our subject include several award wins. Some of which include 1999’s Best Supporting Actor award at the Bavarian Film Awards, 2004’s Best Euregio-Actor at the Euregio Filmball and the 2006 European Hall of Fame Award at the DIVA-Awards. Our final input on this file, marks Gottfried John’s tragic loss to cancer at the age of seventy-two in Utting am Ammersee, Germany. Subject described as killed in action.

In conclusion, Ourumov was able to maintain a busy-yet-manageable working schedule after his tenure as General in GOLDENEYE. Accumulating several decent roles and a handful of award wins and nominations, Gottfried John was truly a talent to behold and one that will be remember not only in Europe, but across the ocean and the globe. We will keep his efforts close as we continue on, operating as Janus to one day avenge his death at the hands of James Bond. Perhaps, along the way, we may be able to eliminate cancer in the name of Gottfried John as well. Keep General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov’s honor in mind while dealing with Janus’ enemies. 

That does it for this one, old boy. You’ve been formally briefed on the man that was the General. As you press forward, never forget what you’ve read here. Knowledge of such a man will continue on to serve you while you’re on assignment for this organization in the future. 

- End transmission, Trevelyan.

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