Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Martin Campbell behind Sol Romero's music video, Turn it Up

Mexican singer Sol Romero released the music video for her new song, titled "Turn it Up". Behind the scenes of the video was her husband, two time James Bond director Martin Campbell, who helmed GOLDENEYE in 1995 and then CASINO ROYALE in 2006, the debuts of Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig as agent 007.
"I wanted to give my best for my debut video and I found it on the family," Sol said about his partnership with Martin for the project. The couple had been together since 2006 and she has made cameos in many of his films, most notably CASINO ROYALE, EDGE OF DARKNESS and THE LEGEND OF ZORRO.

Sol has been a great suporter of our site since 2013, so we highly recommend to watch her video. Stay in touch with her trough her official site, solcampbellromero.com

ERRATA: Previously on this post we claimed Martin Campbell directed the music video, but Sol kindly clearified us the video was directed by Shana Betz and Martin was behind the scenes of the project.

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