Wednesday, 29 January 2014

SURVIVOR - Pierce Back In Action Again!

Pierce Brosnan is back to the world of espionage 12 years after leaving the world of James Bond with DIE ANOTHER DAY. Opposite Ukranian actress Milla Jovovich and Emma Thompson, the Irish actor will play a part in the James McTeguie film SURVIVOR, set for a 2015 release.

SURVIVOR tells the story of a Foreign Service Officer in London, apparently Jovovich, who tries to prevent a terrorist attack in New York and later is framed for crimes she didn't commit. It is uncertain which role will play the man that 20 years ago was introduced to the world press as James Bond in the press conference for GOLDENEYE, but you can check Pierce's official Instagram for more news and on the set pics.

Want to see more images? Pay a visit to, who kindly alerted us for the news.

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