Saturday, 9 November 2013

Judi... Come(s) Back Alive

After the Motion Picture Assosiation of America rated Judi Dench's new film PHILOMENA with an R rating for "strong language" (the word f**k, precisely), the British character actress known for playing M in seven James Bond films from GOLDENEYE to SKYFALL played the role once more in a video campaign to dissuade the MPAA to lower the rating. SPOILERS AHEAD

"Just when you tought I was dead... I have another mission for you", the actress jokingly says in reference to the death of her iconic character at the end of the latest 007 film SKYFALL, the third portrayal of Daniel Craig as James Bond. "Are you familiar with the MPAA?"

Click here to watch the first 20 seconds of the campaign. The full video will be uploaded soon to

It seems it was not too late to make a run for it, after all.

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