Wednesday, 25 September 2013

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN EYE - Peter Lamont To Release A Book About His Career

Production  designer Peter Lamont will release a book about his career, titled THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN EYE and co-written by Max Pemberton and to be published by Tomahawk Press, as reported by our friends at the HMSS Weblog. Lamont, who won an Oscar in 1998 for the James Cameron film TITANIC, has worked in 18 James Bond films including GOLDENEYE.

Starting his association with 007 as a draftsman in 1964's GOLDFINGER, under the orders of Ken Adam, and later as an Art Director in the following films, Lamont was promoted to Production Designer for FOR YOUR EYES ONLY in 1981. He was only absent for TOMORROW NEVER DIES, where he was replaced by Allan Cameron. His last Bond film was Daniel Craig's first 007 outing, CASINO ROYALE, before being replaced by Dennis Gassner in QUANTUM OF SOLACE and SKYFALL. 

Check out the Facebook page for Tomahawk Press for more news about THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN EYE.

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