Sunday, 22 September 2013


Our friends from the Club James Bond France shared a nice story about the rarest GOLDENEYE collectable (probably rarest Bond collectable!) ever to be produced: a GOLDENEYE red wine.

Some time before the film was released in 1995, movie critic Kevin Collette was hired as an editor to supervise a special 007 issue of Lui, a Playboy style French magazine. Having the list of official worldwide licences by MGM to offer readers an accuarate list of must-have Bond/GOLDENEYE merchandising, he finally found two rare items that had never reached the market.

One of them was a Bond parfume for men, and the other one -Kevin tells us still with admiration- this GOLDENEYE Bodeaux Vintage bottle. Jerome Nicod, then President of the Club James Bond, was working on them and did the prototype designs: "I was in partnership with Eon's licensing company and we were working with them. I did the design on the bottle and had two prototype bottle for my company", he said.  One of those prototipes (pictured avobe) is the ocre version which is now part of then Vice President Laurent Perriot's collection: "A great gift from my friend Jerome", he remembers.

The other prototype was the Bordeaux vintage bottle which featured the Bond silohuette (pictured right) was kindly given to Kevin by a French Danjaq representative. So, why wasn't it finally released? Apparently, EON and Danjaq wasn't happy to get the 007 logo in a bottle of wine. Remember those were the times after the six year gap who almost killed the cinematic Bond and the worldwide launch of a new James Bond with the face of Pierce Brosnan who, apparently, wasn't too much confident in having his face in every product.

We want to thank Kevin, Jerome and Laurent for sharing such lovely memories of this rarely seen GOLDENEYE item. You can also take some time to visit Kevin's site, Our Man from Bond Street.

ERRATA: This article was edited because Kevin Collette was wrongfully attributed to the Club James Bond France when he only wrote for them from time to time. The Bordeaux bottle wasn't "found" by him either, but given by a Danjaq representative as we now rectified.

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