Saturday, 31 August 2013

THE GOLDENEYE ARCHIVE - Cine Top (November 1995, Argentina)

Welcome to our new section, The GoldenEye Archive. In this new section we will be posting magazine articles related to the release of GOLDENEYE around the world covering more than one page and the cover. Many of you have enjoyed our Magazine and Newspaper album on Facebook, but we tought we should deliver something for the no 3.0 community and in a more tidy way, so all the articles will be uploaded in .pdf format for a clearer view and reading.

Today we start with a monthly magazine from Argentina called "Cine Top", which run in the 1990s long before the big theatre corporations occupied the whole country knocking the little cinemas out. In this case, we offer our readers the November 1995 edition, featuring a Keith Hamshere still of Pierce Brosnan starring for the first time as James Bond, and a four-page article with relatively known information and stills, finishing  with a list of all the Bond movies to date.

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