Tuesday, 20 August 2013

GOLDENEYE 64 ORCHESTRATED - Rich Douglas' Take On a Classic Game Music

Many people from the Bond fandom surely heard of Rich Douglas, a great 007 fan and musican who has worked on many videogame projects like HARVEST and TAKEDOWN. He's also very famous because of his many fan creations in music he usually posted in the CommanderBond.net forums.

Now, Richard presents his take on the score of a videogame every enthusiastic of Ian Fleming's secret agent, retro-gaming and first person shooters will remember and love: GOLDENEYE 007, released 16 years ago for the Nintendo 64 game system.

The orchestrated album has been praised by Grant Kirkhope, one of the original composers with Robin Beanland and Graeme Norgate, and is set to be released by Joypad records. The album features 15 tracks covering memorable music from the game like the pause and briefing menus, and of course the mission music like Facility, Surface and Caverns. Click here to listen to some samples.

In an interview with CBn, Douglas said the epic N64 game "has a very nostalgic and special place in his heart". You can learn more about Rich in his site or you can also follow him on Twitter.

UPDATE: Album released on iTunes now, for just USD 9.99

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