Wednesday, 1 May 2013

PIERCE ON CRAIG - "He's a Bond for this age and this time"

Big spoilers ahead.

In an interview with Yahoo! News while promoting the coming film LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED, a Danish romantic comedy directed by Susanne Bier, Pierce Brosnan talked about the SKYFALL and the Daniel Craig era in the James Bond franchise he was asked to leave nine years ago.

"There's enough space, time, and water under the bridge to see what this man has done," said Brosnan in reference to his deception of being put away from the Bond franchise after producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson decided to go back to basics and rebooting the franchise with 2006's CASINO ROYALE. "I loved it, I really did."

The Irish actor who was announced as the new 007 in June 1994 for the 17th James Bond film GOLDENEYE, pointed out that Bond was a glorious time for him. "I have nothing but gratitude for having played such a role. And Daniel is magnificent. He's a Bond for this age and this time." 

Too late to make a run for it - M dies in the arms
of her agent at the end of SKYFALL. Brosnan says
he "would have loved to have played that scene with her
Brosnan also gave some words about SKYFALL's tragic ending, where the female version of the legendary M, played by Judi Dench who also joined the Bond team in GOLDENEYE, dies in the arms of Bond after being wounded in a gunfight between 007 and the mercenaries led by Javier Bardem's Silva in the secret agent's Scottish lodge: "I would have loved to have held her in my arms myself. I would have loved to have played that scene with her. But it was not meant to be for me. It was Daniel's moment and his time (...) Dame Judi [Dench] is such a magnificent lady in every sense of the word: as a human being and as an actress."

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