Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Ukranian actress Olga Kurylenko, who played the role of Camille in 2008's QUANTUM OF SOLACE, will co-star with Pierce Brosnan in the spy thriller NOVEMBER MAN.

“She seems to be going through leading men like hot dinners." - said Brosnan about the OBLIVION star-  "She is a gorgeous actress, beautiful woman. She started with Daniel Craig and she is going to end up with Brosnan.”

The film, based on Bill Granger's novel THERE ARE NO SPIES,  is set for a 2014 release and  directed by Australian director Roger Donaldson, known for other spy movies like THE RECRUIT, starring Al Pacino and Colin Farrel. The film also features Dominic Cooper, who co-starred with the Irish actor star in MAMMA MIA! and has been recently announced as the fifth actor to portray 007's creator Ian Fleming in a new biographical miniseries coming up later this year.

Thanks to MI6-HQ,com for the news

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