Monday, 11 February 2013

SKYFALL GETS BAFTA - Best Original Music & Outstanding British Film

The most succesful James Bond film has been awarded with two BAFTAs this evening - "Outstanding British Film" and "Best Original Music" (video)

"SKYFALL was concieved 60 years ago when Ian Fleming wrote the first James Bond novel, it was born 50 years ago when Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman produced the first film, and since then it was nurtured by a whole host of directors, actors, cast and crew. It's on behalf of those filmmakers that Barbara (Broccoli) and I accept this award", pointed out producer Michael G Wilson after recieving the "Outstanding British Film" prize.

Director Sam Mendes also got the chance to thank Bond star Daniel Craig and gave a postumate homage to 007 creator Ian Fleming .

While Javier Bardem, who portrayed the vengeful rouge MI6 agent Silva, and Judi Dench in her last appaerance as M didn't got the award, composer Thomas Newman was honoured for his work on the film's soundtrack under the "Best Original Music" category.

In almost two weeks, the 24th, we Bond fans will enjoy a 50th anniversary tribute including Adele and Dame Shirley Bassey in the Academy Awards, plus discovering if SKYFALL gets its first oscar for Bond since 1965.

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