Thursday, 7 February 2013

RETURN OF THE MALE M - Ralph Fiennes will be back in Bond 24

"I've signed up for a continuation of Mallory because I believe that it's going to go somewhere". In that way, British actor Ralph Fiennes confirmed in a BluRay featurette he'll return for the next James Bond film (set for 2014) to play Gareth Mallory, who was revealed to be the new M at the end of SKYFALL, where Judi Dench's female version of the Head of MI6 dies in the field of honor.

Daniel Craig also seemed happy for Fiennes' return: "I love the prospect of doing another movie with him because it's somebody who Bond can butt up against, and there'll be a very different relationship (...) it's something I'm really looking forward to exploring".

There are no words of Ben Whishaw reprising the role of Q or Naomie Harris playing the role of Moneypenny, an identity also revealed at the end of the film, but their return is it also likely to happen.

The return of Ralph Fiennes as Mallory sees the return of a male M for the first time since 1989, where Robert Brown (and Bernard Lee before him), played the role for the last time opposite Timothy Dalton in LICENCE TO KILL. Aware of the designation of Ms. Stella Rimmington as the head of MI5 in the early nineties, GOLDENEYE director Martin Campbell decided to make M a woman played by Judi Dench, a decision that remained with all the Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig films until SKYFALL.

Stay tuned for other Bond 24 news.

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