Thursday, 17 January 2013

IAN FLEMING IS BACK (ON TV) - Dominic Cooper to play 007's creator

Dominic Cooper, the fifth
onscreen Ian Fleming
Dominic Cooper, who starred in MAMMA MIA! opposite Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep, will be the fifth actor to portray British spy and author Ian Lancaster Fleming onscreen, after Charles Dance, Jason Connery, Ben Daniels and James D'Arcy.

The four part miniseries, tempatively titled FLEMING, will be produced by Ecosse Films  and will be broadcasted via the UK satellite signal Sky Atlantic. Set during the World War II, where fleming hold the Commander rank in order to plan and execute counter-intelligence missions against the Nazis.

"Stepping into the shoes of the spy who not only created the enigmatic character of 007, but who fantasized about being him has to be every actor's dream", said Cooper after getting the role.

Commander Ian Fleming during
the World War II

The miniseries will be shot in Budapest and the UK. Written by John Brownlow & Don Macpherson and directed by Mat Whitecross, will be broadcasted later this year.

Other productions that explored the life of the James Bond creator deceased in 1964 were GOLDENEYE: THE SECRET LIFE OF IAN FLEMING, SPYMAKER and IAN FLEMING: BONDMAKER. James D'Arcy portrayed Ian Fleming in the 2011 film AGE OF HEROES, starring Sean Bean, focused on the first mission of the Assault Unit 30 that Fleming created.


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