Saturday, 28 July 2012


No guys, Daniel Craig won't be remaking the 1969 film who starred George Lazenby as James Bond. But he did played 007 in a mini sketch directed by noted British director Danny Boyle, as part of the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony, where the secret agent escorted Queen Elizabeth to the stadium by helicopter. The duo then paratuched off in Union Jack paratuches (à la THE SPY WHO LOVED ME or DIE ANOTHER DAY) as the James Bond Theme began to sound.

David Arnold composed the music for the opening ceremony, while Paul McCartney closed it singing The Beatles' "Hey Jude". Plus, a very comical momen was in charge of Rowan Atkinson, mostly known as MR BEAN or Bond's 21st Century spoof JOHNNY ENGLISH, but he also played Nigel Small-Fawcett in the 1983 Kevin McClory production NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN, where Sean Connery was tempted to play 007 again, yet in an unofficial production.

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