Thursday, 12 July 2012

CONFIRMED: BEN WHISHAW IS Q! (Isn't Q's grandson?)

Ater many rumours that harken back to February this year, EON Productions has confirmed today that British actor Ben Whishaw will be playing Q, the gadget master from MI6.

As we all know, Major Geoffrey Boothroyd aka Q (short for Quartermaster) was first introduced in 1962's DR NO portrayed by Peter Burton. Then, director Terence Young casted the unforgettable Desmond Llewelyn in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. Llewelyn would reprise the role for GOLDFINGER (where Boothroyd was credited for the first time as Q, since in the novels both were different characters) and all the Bond films (except LIVE AND LET DIE) until his death in 1999. John Cleese, who played Q's assistant R in THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, was promoted to Q in the last 007 film starring Pierce Brosnan, DIE ANOTHER DAY.

At 32, Ben Whishaw is the youngest actor in playing Q's role.


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