Wednesday, 20 August 2014

GoldenEye 007 Face-off With Pierce Brosnan on The Tonight Show

We've seen Pierce Brosnan playing James Bond four times from 1995 to 2002. We also saw him playing James Bond in a few videogames using his voice and likeness. But we never saw him playing a video game with his 007 on it, until now, when Pierce played the 1997 videogame adaptation for GOLDENEYE on Jimmy Fallon's THE TONIGHT SHOW.

"I played it once and shoot myself in the foot", the Irish actor admitted after Jimmy Fallon's spoke about how great the Nintendo 64 videogame was. The showman later challenged Brosnan, who was promoting his upcoming film THE NOVEMBER MAN, to a short round of the game on a big screen set on the studio (Watch on YouTube)

Fallon picked Trevelyan's character to face off Brosnan's digitalized image as the famous secret agent on the Complex scenario. Unable to find a gun and trying to defend himself with the famous "bitch-slap" against the host, he was quickly defeated by a few shots of his rival's DD44 Dostovei. 

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