Sunday, 24 August 2014

Pierce Brosnan: "I Loved GoldenEye"

It was a busy week for Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, now back in action next Wednesday when his upcoming action film THE NOVEMBER MAN gets its US release. After a few interviews with hosts like Jimmy Fallon, he quickly talked to fans trough an AMA on Reddit last Thursday.
Replying to his fans, he admitted GOLDENEYE is his favoourite Bond film of the ones he made: "I loved that movie", he said. His other favourite Bond film was, of course, GOLDFINGER, the one he saw aged 11 when he first came to England.

He also claimed he had "no problems with killing 006", the tracherous agent played by Sean Bean on the 1995 film, and that James Bond would kill Jason Bourne "with one bullet". Jokingly, he added that if he would have loved to be killed by Famke Janssen and that he keeps an Aston Martin and the credit lockpick card from THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH.

Asked about his encounters with the other five Bond actors he recalled a meeting with the current 007 Daniel Craig: "I was moving on from Bond and he was moving in. (...) I always wished him good fortune and wanted the best for this man because he's such a fantastic actor, Daniel. And he is a Bond for his time, and will be remembered with such strength of will and charisma."

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