Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tom Pevsner (1926-2014)

After Unit Manager Iris Rose's passing last week, THE GOLDENEYE DOSSIER is sad to announce legendary Bond crew member Tom Pevsner has died today at the age of 87. He was promoted to the Executive Producer charge when Pierce Brosnan took over the role twenty years ago in GOLDENEYE.

Born in Dresden, Germany, on October 2nd, 1926, Pevsner's credits in the world of celluloid included the Sean Connery film THE LONGEST DAY from 1962 and THE LADYKILLERS in 1995. He joined the James Bond team in 1981 as an Associate Producer for FOR YOUR EYES ONLY and continued in the same charge up to 1989's LICENCE TO KILL before his promotion in GOLDENEYE.

We send the Pevsner family our deepest condolences.

Source: MI6-HQ.com

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  1. Thank you for your kind comments, but please note that my father died on 18th August 2014, not 19th.