Wednesday, 12 September 2018

GoldenEye 25 - Remaking the legend (and something more)

The time of HD justice for a beloved videogame, collectable, and legend has finally arrived! Well, not now, actually, but it certainly will in 2022 with the release of GOLDENEYE 25. What's all this about? It's a remake of the highly acclaimed GOLDENEYE 007 for Nintendo 64 set for the 25th anniversary of the 1997 James Bond game.

We are using the word "justice" appropriately. In 2007, the project to release the game with improved graphics for the XBLA 360 console was cancelled due to a disagreement between Rare and Nintendo, which left fans very sad. Remember replaying GOLDENEYE 007 can be a bit difficult nowadays: modern TVs provide a blurry image that brings the old days great graphics to shame, emulators can be a solution, yet one can have some issues when configuring the controls and some of the graphics are missing in the conversion. We have the great GOLDENEYE: SOURCE, but that one lacks the single player campaigns. There's also the licenced 2010  Nintendo Wii remake, still, that one is far from the spirit of the original.

Quite simply, there's no way to properly fully enjoy GOLDENEYE 007 on these days. But the GOLDENEYE 25 project aims to change that, plus delivering some surprises for those who loved both the original videogame and the movie.

Using the Unreal Engine, Ben Colclough, the lead level designer and 3D artist for GOLDENEYE: SOURCE, has promised us a faithful adaptation of the Nintendo 64 for PC. The game will be completely free since none of the team behind this hard work is making profit of it, just the pleasure with to bring the glorious days of "No Oddjob", "Slappers Only" and "Objective A: Complete" from 1997 to 2022.


Today, a video showcasing the Facility level has been posted by our affiliated site, The Bond Bulletin. While the Soviet guards have been taking an overdue holiday (The enemy AI, which was very realistic in the original, is still getting developed), you can take a good look at what the game can offer you. And for sure you won't be disappointed!

The proof that this game is made from GOLDENEYE lovers to GOLDENEYE lovers (and the rest of the gamers) is that our very good friend Yannick Zenhäusern is composing the music. The game will feature an original score based on Eric Serra's soundtrack from the 1995 source film that will make the player relive the Nintendo 64 classic in a more movie-esque way and feeling inside the body of Pierce Brosnan's James Bond as he sneaks trough the Archangel Facility with his silenced Walther PPK (PP7 in the game).

The spirit of the James Bond saga overall will also be present - and more than with just the inclusion of Aztec and Egyptian, the bonus levels from the original game based on MOONRAKER and LIVE AND LET DIE. For example, the gadget camera 007 uses in the Bunker and Silo missions will be modeled after the Minox camera George Lazenby uses on his only Bond film, 1969's ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE, to get evidence on Blofeld's "patients" that will disseminate Virus Omega worldwide. Composer Zenhäusern also took some inspiration for GOLDFINGER to get that classic Bond fanfare.

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  1. I may have missed it. But it will be single player as well?

    1. It'll be released in 2025 and yes, it's a single player campaign!