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Trevelyan's Mainframe - FILE: Silo, Kirghizstan / Twenty Years Removed

Hidden deep in the mountains of Kirghizstan, the secret Soviet missile launch silo teems with activity. Entry is completely forbidden, yet here we are, old boy. It is all too apparent that you have a nasty little habit of surviving! However, your habit may be harshly broken as you attempt your escape of the six level of GOLDENYE. After all, getting in was just a death wish… The only way out may be a death certificate!

I have compiled our files on the sixth level of GOLDENEYE 007. They are prepared for your browsing. However, first MI6’s jargon has to be sorted out, per usual. Written out for you here are the original transcripts intercepted from Her Majesty’s government. Once again, enjoy, friend. 

MI6 has become concerned that unscheduled test firings from a missile silo in Kirghizstan are being used to cover the launch of Goldeneye weapons satellites. Deep intelligence reports suggest that this operation may well be outside the control of the former Soviet powers in the region.  
Infiltrate the silo and ascertain what is being placed into orbit; if it is the satellites, recover their control circuitry and sabotage the launches. You are authorized to destroy the base if necessary. This is a matter of international security, 007. Consider the military personnel expendable.  
The layout of the missile silo means that a few carefully placed explosive charges will destroy the entire complex – concentrate on the fuel rooms (H4, C3, K2 and A1). 007, remember to treat the timed explosives with respect – you know what happened to 004 in Beirut. Oh, and get me a picture of the satellite, there’s a good chap. 
You leave at 1800 hours for Bishkek. James, just imagine those romantic nights in the steppes. Lying beneath the stars, the campfires twinkling on the hills – sounds like heaven. When you’re in the arms of some dusky maiden, spare a thought for poor old me cooped up behind a desk in rainy London. 

Oh, that Moneypenny. Ever the hopeless romantic. If Bond only knew the good in his life that constantly lays at his feet… Fool. And how about dear M? So sure our Russian friends are ‘expendable’ yet sends her agents in on a whim of danger… A bit hypocritical, no? Besides, even though this smoke-and-mirrors silo wasn’t the actual one we were housing our operational equipment, didn’t give England the right to smash up the place. The way I see it, it is only fit that Bond was allowed to discover and inspect the buggy, malfunctioning equipment we purposefully placed in silo number four. It becomes easier and easier to string MI6 along, as they are just so quick to take the bait. Bless their hearts. Points for trying, M… Points for trying. It is also laughable to conceive Bond really believing that he was doing Her Majesty’s government a real service by planting plastique explosives inside each of the fuel rooms of the silo. As if the destruction of this measly front would cripple us in any way! Take pride in your precious intel, your minuscule photos, false sense of destruction, and your meaningless data downloads, MI6. As you decipher through the junk, Janus continues to develop right under your collective noses. 

I digress. The final notes within this mainframe on the sixth level of GOLDENEYE confirms that other than a brief appearance from our man General Ourumov, the Russian Infantry, and Scientist characters tangled with Bond in the silo.

Moving forward in this brief, we have a list of extra intel compiled from our field operatives surround the soviet missile silo level of GOLDENEYE. Quite easily noticed aabout the silo is that it follows no narrative from the film. This was an intentional implement, as silo served as a nice test for what level designers could come up with with certain creative freedoms. To begin with, as originally planned for the level, Bond would start in a ventilation shaft, exit, and then have to climb a ladder to get to the first hallway and laboratory. According to our sources and code inspector agents, these vents and starting pre-set remained in the game files. Also, originally planned to be utilized by Bond throughout his mission was a central elevator. Though, unlike the vents and originally starting code, this feature was completely removed from the game. Hostage rescuing was another thing that was considered for the higher difficulties, but ultimately removed in favor of utilizing this objective in later levels. 

Trivial things such as an inaccessible door or two on catwalks above Bond within the silo tube itself are functional, but again, just can be activated. Odd, yes? Another odd occurrence follows the death of Ourumov (if Bond is able to finish him off, of course) and collect his briefcase, in that nothing really happens at all. The key collected obviously opens a silo door, yet the briefcase serves no purpose. Many speculations have been made that the briefcase was originally required to complete an objective surrounding the launch or misfiring of the nuke that is seen throughout the level. However, this objective idea may have been scrapped totally, as there is no evidence of it in the game other than the briefcase remaining in-game. There is a note here, that by switching to unarmed during play through, the silo bay doors above the rocket will activate and open. Strange indeed. 

The silo level, for me, wasn’t all that memorable. Even younger, it felt like one big circle of a level. You be in the silo, into a hallway, and into a lab, back into the silo, down a similarly designed hall way, into another lab with just slightly different equipment. I feel as though one is still able to kind of tell that this was a testing level for the design team. It is very basic, and straightforward. There is no mistaking vastness in this level, which is perhaps what draws me away from it the most. Some of the visuals are cool, especially some of the satellite equipment, but as far as replay value for this level specifically, I found it a bit lacking compared to the levels that come before it.

With that said, I must admit, I always looked forward to the challenge of taking out our man, General Ourumov before he was able to escape. He’s a slippery bugger, no doubts there! I would wait to open the door that led to the forum he waited for the player in, just to reload my best and most deadly weapon collected and figure out a plan of attack. Either that, or I would just use some of the in-game cheats to take him out quickly and easily for the ultimate defeat. I rather disliked Ourumov now that I think back… His outfit annoyed me the most, as it nearly looked yellow instead of green. 

In fact, his in-game model reminded me of The Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George. Not very intimidating at all, I assure you. Poor chap. 

So, with that, we come to the end of this mainframe’s reported materials on the sixth level of GOLDENEYE 007. As you continue to pry me for intel, my patience with you wears thin. As a matter of fact, after all this business is done, I deserve a nice vacation. And for you? Perhaps, a cruise… On a very large ship… Know of the sort? I surely do! However, it may not fare well as a getaway for you at. No worries, old boy. Instead, the next level file being Frigate could easily factor in as your permanent vacation! 

- End transmission, Trevelyan.

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