Sunday, 14 May 2017

The GoldenEye Generation - Benjamin Lind

In this second edition of The GoldenEye Generation we chat with Benjamin Lind, from the German site The Bond Bulletin. Those who are close to him know Benjamin has been acitvely participating in many events and covering Bond events and news troughout the world. Last year he premiered his documentary A BOND FOR LIFE, narrating his 20 years as a James Bond fan that started with GOLDENEYE. In the following lines, Benny tells us his relationship with James Bond and the first 007 adventure he ever saw.

When did you watch GOLDENEYE and how old were you?
I saw GOLDENEYE in 1996 after it had opened in Germany. I was 14 at the time and actually went to see DANGEROUS MINDS together with my mother. As there was a problem with the projector, we ended up in my first ever James Bond film.

Is Pierce Brosnan your favourite James Bond? If not, tell us who is and why.
Since I grew up with his films, he will always have a special place as the Bond of my youth. I don't have a favourite James Bond since preferential treatment almost seems like an insult in view of the brilliant performances of all actors. Let me put it like this: I like the coolness of Sean Connery, the wit and charme of Roger Moore, the resoluteness of Dalton, the style and demeanour of Brosnan as well as the action-packed Craig. George Lazenby is the only one I have completely left out as I have a problem with his character and attitude. After we briefly "clashed" last year, I can say that I cordially dislike him as a person.

Is GOLDENEYE your favourite Bond film? If not, tell us which one is and why.
It didn't take me long to familiarize myself with the rest of the series after I had seen GOLDENEYE but up to this day I don't have that one favourite film. It's again the favoritism that I refuse to exercise. Every film has certain highlights as well as drawbacks and I treasure every one of them.

Which of the Bond movies prior to GOLDENEYE did you enjoy the most?
I enjoyed THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS because of the setting in Austria, the stellar cast and the wonderful score by John Barry.

Which of the Bond movies after GOLDENEYE did you enjoy the most?
I must say, I was quite into the next Brosnan Bonds and they really cemented my love for the films and the franchise. They were fast-paced, elegant popcorn cinema and that's what I was looking for at the time.

How did you feel when Daniel Craig was cast as James Bond?
I was unsure. He didn't look anything like our favourite hero at the press event. But I said, these are casting decisions we as fans cannot influence, so we might as well live with them and make the best of it. Having of course witnessed the shameless and rude smear campaign against him, I more and more wished that he would succeed. When I saw the premiere here at my local cinema, I was relieved when many in the audience stood up and applauded when Craig walked towards the camera in the Main Title Sequence. This was a signature moment and I knew, he would have a good tenure as 007.

What do you think of the Daniel Craig 007 movies and which one is the one you like most.
CASINO ROYALE is still the most lavish looking, action-packed and gripping of the four and I prefer it to the others. The next one, QUANTUM OF SOLACE however was a complete disaster. Still, I was confident because the process of revamping something as iconic as Bond would ultimately include setbacks and disappointments. 

How do you see the future of James Bond?
Being stuck in a very uncertain time like we are now, somehow makes you wonder if no news about the next film are a good thing or not. One thing is certain: Bond still matters and there is much potential if the right people make the right decisions. I believe that EON Productions has a dedicated, hard-working and resourceful team of experts who love Bond just as much as we do. Viewed from a business angle: Bond is a gigantic cash cow and while normal cows live about 15 years, this one has endured 54 years!


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