Wednesday, 1 July 2015

GOLDENEYE 20 - The Music of GoldenEye

We start the second half of the year celebrating the music of GOLDENEYE: from Tina Turner to Eric Serra, Bono, The Edge and John Altman. Join us with the #goldeneye20 and #GEmusic hashtags on our social media accounts.

Eric Serra, who has composed most of Luc Besson's films including the recent LUCY, was assigned to bring a new sound to the new Bond film with a brand new actor. Far from the traditional style, Serra donned the 1995 Bond adventure with a modern and ecleptic sound, as we can hear in "Run, Shoot and Jump". 
The French composer opted for a melancholic and romantic theme for the love scenes between Bond and Natalya (a cue that can be heard in "For Ever, James" and "We Share the Same Passions"), and he himself performed the song heard during the end credits, "The Experience of Love".

Noted composer John Altman was also hired for the incidental music where 007 pursues General Ourumov trough the streets of St Petersbourg with a tank, bringing a more symphonic and traditionalistic style for an epic scene of the film and the Bond franchise.

GOLDENEYE's promotions also needed a fresh sound. Jeff Fair and Starr Parodi reworked the traditional James Bond Theme for the film's trailer. The version was very successful and was included on the 2002 "Best of Bond" compilation after the fans asked for it.

Source music is also heard during the story, with Minnie Driver as Irina performing Tymme Wynette's "Stand by your Man" on Zukovsky's nightclub and some military music like "La Marche Lorraine" and the "Preobrajensky March" for the Monaco and St Petersbourg scenes.

No Bond film could be successful with a remarkable main title song: "GoldenEye" was performed by pop icon Tina Turner and written by no other than the U2 members Bono and The Edge.

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