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GOLDENEYE 20 - Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

As we all know, GOLDENEYE celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2015, so we'll start the celebrations dedicating the month of January to Pierce Brosnan's portrayal of James Bond with stills, clips, trivia quizzes and some of the most important quotes of the then new James Bond actor. Please visit our social media to check out these material on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with the hashtag #goldeneye20.

Born in Navan, Ireland, on May 16, 1953, Pierce Brendan Brosnan soon felt captivated on the movies and cinema industry as long as he watched his first two movies on a theatre, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA and GOLDFINGER, the third James Bond film starring Sean Connery, in 1964. According to him, these two films made him want to become an actor.

After getting small roles in TV series like THE PROFESSIONALS or films like THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY, he gained major popularity in MTM's series REMINGTON STEELE, where he portrayed an annonymus thief with a great passion for movies who ends up assuming the identity of a detective next to Stephanie Zimbalist's Laura Holt. 

This series prevented Brosnan to become Roger Moore's replacement in the role of James Bond for 1987's THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS. Introduced to producer Albert R Broccoli by his then wife actress Cassandra Harris (who played a Bond girl in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY), he signed a contract that had to be cancelled due to contractual obligations with MTM after REMINGTON STEELE's run was extended for another season.

In 1994, when Timothy Dalton left the role of James Bond, the producers went back to Brosnan considering, in part, his appeal to the female audience and fans around the world. He was announced as the fifth agent 007 in a press conference held at the Dorchester Hotel in London on June 8. 

His portrayal of James Bond in GOLDENEYE, at the age of 42, was caracterized by the adaptation of Ian Fleming's character into the mid-1990s without totally redefining him: "He's still a ladies man, yes", he cooly said during the many interviews he had. His portrayal brought a fresh air to a character almost forgotten by the audiences for six and a half years, delivering the exact dosage of elegance, humor and violence.

GOLDENEYE resulted in an historical success for EON Productions, being the most successful James Bond film since 1979's MOONRAKER. Brosnan played the character in other three James Bond films: TOMORROW NEVER DIES, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH and the 40th anniversary adventure DIE ANOTHER DAY. He also provided his likeness and voice for the Electronic Arts videogames 007 NIGHTFIRE and EVERYTHING OR NOTHING.
After he left the role in 2004, Brosnan said: "It was a decade of his life that I will always hold dear to my heart and a time that will never be forgotten." He has now a successful cinematic career with starring films like THE MATADOR, LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED and most recently, Roger Donaldson's THE NOVEMBER MAN, whom he also produced. He also plays an important role in activism with his actual wife, Keely Shaye.

Photos by Keith Hamshere and Larry Ellis

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