Saturday, 3 May 2014

Serena Gordon on Acting: "Botox and Bitchiness"

50-year-old actress Serena Gordon, who played MI6 neurotic assesor Caroline in GOLDENEYE (the first girl to succumb to Pierce Brosnan's James Bond charms onscreen), revealed why she left acting: "Unless you’re prepared to do the full Botox thing nowadays, it’s a very harsh world."

The British actress, whose credits include HOLBY CITY and RIDERS, left acting in 2009 claiming that the introduction of the HD TV forced actress to use Botox all the time: "I’d be frightened of it going wrong, and of getting addicted to it," she told in an interview with The Telegraph, "Acting is an intense, quite cruel, bitchy world. You have to either be thick-skinned or very well grounded so you don't take it too seriously,” she added.

She also noted that actors attending castings for roles above 60 look 45.

Thanks to MI6-HQ for the alert.

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