Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bond 24 is Come and Dive! (or how to identify a FAKE James Bond Trailer)

Bond 24 will be released in October 2015. Director Sam Mendes will be back, just like Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Rory Kinnear and Ralph Fiennes, who pointed out the shooting may begin in November. But the film has already a trailer, a theme song and a title: the somewhat hilarious COME AND DIVE. We rush to say it was a complete fake.

Why do we dedicate a page article to a fake Bond 24 trailer when they're plenty of them in YouTube? Well... because many "serious" film sites on the net actually believed it! And  when it was taken down many people on Twitter claimed it should be official and that's why Sony/MGM took it down!

Some hours later yesterday, the team behind the video (that showed greenscreened footage of Daniel Craig in SKYFALL against a cementery setting) admitted the fake was planned to get the attention of fans and music labels to make Benedict, the singer of the song "Ocean" featured on the trailer, famous.

Now, how can one discover a fake like this one...

1- EON never drops a Bond trailer and song "just like that"
The trailer just appeared on YouTube at the same time a Facebook page and Twitter account (@comeanddive) was created. The film's title is announced at a press conference when production begins and the cast is introduced, or shortly later by an official press announcement just like in the case of DIE ANOTHER DAY. The title song and performer is in most cases the LAST thing announced, and it's very unlikely to get the chance to listen it right after the announcement. Alas, everything official will only appear in and the official (@007) Twitter/Facebook accounts.

2- The footage is from SKYFALL
Just like our friends from James Bond Brasil pointed out, the shots of Bond where cut and pasted over the graveyard background and taken from the latest 007 film released in 2012. Perhaps you need to be a hard-core Bond fan to discover it, tough.

3- No Poster!
The film graphic campaign will also appear before a trailer is released, probably some days or weeks before.

4- Do you think a James Bond film could be titled "Come and Dive"?
Bond titles are either attached to a location (SKYFALL, CASINO ROYALE), a name (GOLDFINGER, OCTOPUSSY), a quote/motto (DIE ANOTHER DAY, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH), a high sounding concept (QUANTUM OF SOLACE), a device/vehicle (GOLDENEYE, MOONRAKER), etc, but COME AND DIVE just sounds ri-di-cu-lous!

5- The song...
It doesn't fit for a James Bond film. Perhaps "Another Way to Die" either, but the song sounds like if it was made for a Carolina Herrera advertisement on TV. We don't want to bash miss Benedict's talents, but that sing clearily doesn't sounds like a Bond tune.

6- The trailer...
Obviously a teaser trailer is meant to be short and to "tease" you with the film, but as more minimalistic a teaser trailer could be, it shouldn't be limited  to a few shots of Bond standing. There is always some action and shots of many parts of the film: landscapes, vehicles, fights, punches, explosions, etc.

Dear news sites, please check the information. It shouldn't take more time than enter the official Bond page, MGM or Sony Pictures.

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