Friday, 11 October 2013


"Try this for a deep dark secret... the great detective Remington Steele doesn't exists. I invented him."  

With the warm voice of Stephanie Zimbalist every chapter of the 1982 MTM TV series REMINGTON STEELE started, telling the story of private detective Laura Holt (portrayed by Zimbalist), a resourceful and very clever woman who invents herself a male superior with a high sounding name, a role accidentaly occupied later by a misterious man with a blurry past and passion for movies. That man, the one who got the applauses while Laura did all the job, was played by Pierce Brosnan, in a role that molded him for his future portrayal of 007 but also prevented him to play the secret agent in 1986 after Roger Moore left the series.

Today the web site Deadline confirmed a reboot of the original series, focusing on the story of Olivia Holt, daughter or Laura Holt and Remington Steele, who re opens the agency and ends up in the same romantic and risky situations her mother lived. In the original series, Holt was joined by detective and Steele's "rival" Murphy Michaels (James Read), secretary Berenice Foxe (Janet DeMay) who were replaced since the second season by former tax officer Mildred Krebs (Doris Roberts).  Few details were confirmed and there's no information about the return of these characters and a probable cameo by Brosnan or Zimbalist yet. 

The script is being written by Jan Sherick and David Ronn, with Reuben Fleischer set to direct the series.

Thanks to HMSS Weblog for the alert

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