Saturday, 29 June 2013


Is with a great sadness that we can finally announce Charlotte Brosnan has passed away of cancer, just like her mother Cassandra Harris, yesterday in the afternoon. We've known this news from a secret source for some hours, but we decided not to spread it before it has reached to an official source.

Stephanie Zimbalist, who played Laura Holt opposite Pierce in REMINGTON STEELE, has just sent his blessings trough her official Facebook page.Charlotte Harris was born in London on November 27th, 1971, daughter of Cassandra and Dermot Harris, who died in 1986. After Pierce married Cassandra, he adopted Charlotte and her brother Christopher. She also played a part in the films THE NEPHEW and THE DISAPPAREANCE OF JEVIN JOHNSEN, both starring her father. She had two children, Isabella, born in 1998, and Lucas, born in 2005.

Everyone here is really shocked for the news, and in the name of our readers, we extend Pierce once again our deepest condolences and we want to show him all our support from every corner of this world. Rest in peace, Charlotte, surely you're in a better world with your dear mother too.

Fans on Twitter can use the #BeStrongPierce hashtag to express their condolences.


  1. Lo siento muchísimo. Desde ayer estoy conmocionada.

  2. Q pena! Espero q Pierce se conforte e Charlotte descanse em paz!