Thursday, 16 May 2013


Dear Pierce,

First of all, I want to wish you a very happy 60th birthday! Hope you are having a nice day in your day with all your loved ones. I hope that, in a way, this can be a solace for the tragic loss you had to face some decades ago.

I first came in touch, virtually, of course, with you when watching GOLDENEYE on TV when I was just a seven year old boy who some days before was captivated by a billboard of a man in tuxedo holding a silenced gun. And then TOMORROW NEVER DIES came to the cinema, and all the James Bond movies came to my home in VHS or DVD whenever my dad or my grandmother rented them. No need to say I was there on the first row to watch THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH and DIE ANOTHER DAY as I passed from the childhood to my early teens.

What I have always noticed in all the Bond actors is that behind the somewhat violent condition of the character, they're humanitarians in one way or another. Roger Moore is UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Sean Connery has many times donated money to Scottish Trusts to help the meek ones, and of course, you have many times spoken about peace over violence, about how crisly whaling was, and how being environmental help us to live in a better world.

I would also like to point out that you are a real gentleman, showing us your true love to Keely for more than a decade, in a world where people in general are sometimes very untrue, and the way you mourned Cassie that has really reached the heart of every ones of us who read it. I haven't had the chance to meet you, which I'm really hoping for someday, but people from around the world that were lucky told me how open-hearted you are with the fans that in a way made you the Pierce Brosnan we all know, that you never act like those men blinded by fame and power that forget to take in account those who made them.

Bond and beyond, you are a great actor. But must important is that you proved to be a great man.  So, in this day of 2013, from the southest corner of South America, I want to raise my glass to that great man behind James Bond, Remington Steele, Julian Noble, Valeri Petrofsky or Adam Lang.

Happy Birthday Pierce!

Nicolás Suszczyk
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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