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THE GOLDENEYE DOSSIER editor NICOLAS SUSZCZYK reflects (yet again) on his first GOLDENEYE viewing...

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From a game to a film, and from a film to a passion! 

It was about December 1997 or January 1998 and I was with my dad in the Alto Palermo Shopping Mall in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I entered a toy store and I was invited to play a then very fashionable game called GoldenEye, for the Nintendo 64 game system. I was very impressed for the game, but especially because some days ago I was near the Plaza Italia zone in the Palermo town in Buenos Aires, where I saw a street advertisement that showed a tuxedoed-clad guy holding a silenced gun against a white background. It read GoldenEye, and below it showed the logo of Cinecanal, a cable-TV broadcasting company from South America.
In the meanwhile, my dad told me who James Bond was. But I didn’t really need an explanation. The game and the film’s ad really said it all.

Then it was Saturday, January 31st. At 2.45 PM (or so the newspaper ad I still keep says), mom, dad and me watched GoldenEye all together on TV. From the moment in which Bond elegantly walks and shots to the screen through the gunbarrel sequence, to the tank chase through St. Petersburg and the Cuban antenna cradle showdown between 007 and rouge agent 006 Alec Trevelyan, not forgetting Xenia Onatopp’s good squeezes and the spectacular Archangel Facility infiltration and escape, GoldenEye  captured me and it was the introduction card for the previous Bond films with Roger Moore and Sean Connery, as well as the other three Pierce Brosnan films Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is not Enough and  Die Another Day, plus the Daniel Craig adventures Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall which is only a month away!

What it means GoldenEye to me now? Well, the biggest resurrection ever for James Bond. It is THE James Bond film I’d take if my house is set on fire. It is MY Bond film and Pierce Brosnan was, is and will always be MY Bond. That’s why I decided to make my personal tribute to the 1995 blockbuster and all its legend (we had four videogames, remember?) in my blog, The GoldenEye Dossier (

Happy 50th 007!  And here’s to 50 more!

Nicolás Suszczyk

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