Sunday, 20 May 2012

IAN FLEMING IS BACK! (on screen)

Nearly one week before the 104th anniversary of Ian Fleming's birth, British director Duncan Jones has announced he'll be directing another Fleming biopic, based on Andrew Lycett's book "Ian Fleming, The Man Behind James Bond".

The announcement was made during the Cannes Film Festiva, where Duncan said: "Fleming lived through one of the most perilous periods in world history, in a position that allowed him a unique vantage point of all the players, all the stakes. He witnesses true heroism first-hand. And he saw the evil men could do. Then, when the war ended, he went off to write fiction. The essential question for me is where did Ian Fleming end and Bond begin?"

The film is set to be produced by the K5 Film company, and no cating announcement has been done yet.

The creator of James Bond has been subject of three TV biopics so far: 1989's GOLDENEYE, THE SECRET LIFE OF IAN FLEMING, starring Charles Dance, 1990's SPYMAKER, starring Jason Connery (son of Sean), and 2005's BBC production BONDMAKER (starring Ben Daniels). In 2011, James D'Arcy also played Commander Ian Fleming in AGE OF HEROES, a film based on a top-secret mission assigned to the 30 Assault Unit created by Fleming and led (in the movie) by Major Jones, portrayed by GOLDENEYE's Sean Bean.


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