Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Pierce Brosnan has confirmed his participation in FIRST LAW (LEY PRIMERA), a USA/Argentina co-production directed by Diego Rafecas.

 The film's plot will deal with the enviromental issues of the region, as well as the illegal appropiation of national lands.

The film will be shot in New York, Chaco, a province in the north of Argentina, and Buenos Aires. It is yet unknown if the Irish actor will shot scenes in Chaco or Buenos Aires and details of his role. Opposite the GOLDENEYE star will be Argentinean actors Rodrigo de la Serna, Luis Luque and renowed character actress Norma Aleandro.

Some sources also point out a young 21 year old boy is hoping to reach the actor and accomplish the dream of his life ;)

Source: LaNació

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