Wednesday, 30 November 2011

GROW UP Q! - Ben Wishaw is Q in SKYFALL!

Bond fans have been left shaken and stirred since the Daniel Craig era began in 2006 - we've survived to changes of placement of the iconic gunbarrel, less use of the James Bond Theme, and many other things outside the Bond universe.

SKYFALL, we are told, will bring an old friend: armourer Q, the character who was world-wide known thanks to Desmond Llewelyn's portrayal throughout 35 years until he died in 1999. He was then replaced by John Cleese in 2002's DIE ANOTHER DAY and has been left out of CASINO ROYALE and QUUANTUM OF SOLACE, both starred by Daniel Craig.

But wait... Q will be played this time by Ben Wishaw who is... 31 years old! Making the head of Q Branch 17 years younger than Bond himself!

Many fans seem to agree with Wishaw's casting. We're a bit exceptical tough... after all, we don't want to watch Q playing with a PSP and Bond telling him: "Grow up, Q!"

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