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(Minor spoilers)

Major Jones (SEAN BEAN) leads the 30 Assault Unit.
In the Press Release of this site, I’ve said the target of THE GOLDENEYE DOSSIER was the films and videogames related to the world of GOLDENEYE.

So, why am I reviewing AGE OF HEROES, film which is not even a Bond movie? Well, I have two reasons: (a) Sean Bean aka 006 stars and (b) Ian Fleming, James Bond creator, features portrayed by James D’Arcy.

And let me tell you the film is absolutely amazing. I felt captivated by the fabulous screenplay by Ed Scates and Adrian Vitoria, who also directed the film. I daresay it’s one of the best films I saw this year, if not the best.

France, 1940: Rains (Danny Dyer), a British soldier, is arrested and sent to a military prison after beating a superior during an argument right after his team leader is killed. At the same time, Commander Ian Fleming (James D’Arcy) calls Major Jones (Sean Bean), now an instructor, back in action to recruit a number of soldiers to create a commando to act behind enemy lines. Jones arrives to the military prison asking for one of his men, but Rains, after having yet another quarrel with a ruthless prison guard, pulls out a gun and forces Jones to recruit him too. Jones then decides Rains should pass a number of hard challenges to finally be recruited as a commando; otherwise, he’ll be send back to the military prison. After the commando unit is formed, Fleming explains the details of Operation Grender, a plan to infiltrate a Nazi-occupied Norway in order to destroy the radars who had been spoiling all allied operations, and then escape to Sweden.

Ian Fleming (JAMES D'ARCY), the man who
created the 30 Assault Unit. Later, James Bond creator.
The film is an entirely British production, and you can really feel the atmosphere of Britain in the cast and crew, particularly standing is Mark Hamilton’s sharp cinematography of the snowy Norwegian scenarios and the military atmosphere of the Naval Director’s Offices in London. The soundtrack, by Michael Richard Plowman, is also brilliant.

Danny Dyer’s role is truly convincing, and Sean Bean brings back all his charisma to the screen. And even when James D’Arcy’s Ian Fleming isn’t as good as Charles Dance’s portrayal in the 1989 TV film GOLDENEYE: THE SECRET LIFE OF IAN FLEMING, he won’t disappoint the audience and Bond fans. Izabella Miko also brings a touch of sexyness by playing Jensen, a Norwegian girl whose husband has been missing, which helps the unit to achieve their mission.

Highly recommendable movie, for Bond/Fleming and war films fans. Basically, I felt the film like a mixture of Edward Zwick’s DEFIANCE, starring Daniel Craig, and THE WILD GEESE, starring Richard Burton and Roger Moore in 1978, so, if you liked these two war/adventure films, I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy AGE OF HEROES.

Nicolas Suszczyk

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