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The story for the 1995 United Artists film GOLDENEYE, as published in the film's preliminary production notes.

THEN: If half of everything is luck: what about the other half? Fate perhaps!

Dawn in a top secret Soviet Nerve Gas Facility carved out of solid rock below a huge dam in almost impenetrable mountain terrain.
The complex assignment demands a two-man operation and Bond is teamed with his friend and Secret Service contemporary ALEXANDER TREVELYAN (006). The relationship is close and trusting - two men working with one mind, the very model of grace under pressure.
But in mid-mission their presence is detected and Trevelyan trapped.
For once Bond hesitates. Aborting the operation will certainly save his partner's life, otherwise he will live with the consequences forever.

AND NOW: The cold war has thawed and in the brave new world of the Nineties with its swiftly changing political patterns, former enemies can become best friends, and old friends.....deadly opponents.

Bristling with 21st century firepower and bespoke self-defence systems proof against every known form of electronic battlefield threat, a super secret NATO Tiger helicopter has been skyjacked. Poised to become a tug-of-peace prize between the great powers and a vicious new strain of criminal mind, codenamed Janus.
James Bond's brief from M is simple. With information from MISS MONEYPENNY's copious computer files and armed with a bag full of Q's latest goodies he is ordered to Russia to penetrate the local arms Mafia, seek out Janus, reassure the current Kremlin leadership and somehow bring the perpetrator to justice for his part in the Trevelyan affair.

On one point M is adamant. No Vendetta. Avenging Alex will not bring him back and Bond should remember a licence to kill can also be a certificate to die. Not that M has any compunction about sending 007 to his maker, but it wouldn't be cost effective.
Nothing in the new Russia proves that straight-forward. The cinema's most successful superspy becomes heavily involved with -

NATALYA SIMONOVA -  A resourceful and attractive systems programmer. On the run in her homeland she forms an uneasy alliance with Bond to expose the Achilles heel of the Janus Syndicate.

XENIA ONATOPP -  A luscious post-Soviet assassin whose idea of coitus interruptus is permanent and deadly. But at least her partners depart this world with a smile on their face.
Former chemical warfare chief OURUMOV - Now a full General with political ambitions as the Iron man of the New Order.

JACK WADE - A seedy and cynical CIA contact who gives 007 a guided tour of the St. Petersburg weapons market. A veritable mall of death. One size maims all and everybody can make a killing. 'Kinda like Los Angeles', according to Wade.

BORIS GRISHENKO -  Hyper-talented, cyber punk computer wizard who in other circumstances would have been a guaranteed first round draft choice for Billionaire Bill Gates at Microsoft.

Erstwhile KGB controller turned weapons mogul VALENTIN ZUKOVSKY whom Bond 'recruits' by pressing cold steel to his temple in lieu of a formal calling card. Zukovsky doesn't miss a beat. 'Walther PPK. 7.65mm. Lethat at a hundred paces. Only three men I know use that gun.....and I've killed two of them. Welcome back Commander Bond.'

And JANUS, of course. The two faced Roman God come to life. Scarred and twisted by a world in which he believes today's dictator is tomorrow's statesman and the bomb thrower can also catch the Nobel Prize.
After tracking the shadowy Janus and his cohorts from St. Petersburg to the South Atlentic, teh climax of the story is played out in a race against time on the surface of the world's largest radio telescope, where Bond finally comes face to face with his past.

A 1000 foot diameter parabolic dish concealed in a remote region of the Caribbean, it is the only transmitter capable of allowing GoldenEye to activate the one remaining rogue satellite with its built-in ability to paralyse the entire international community.

Literally within minutes the United Kingdom will re-enter the Stone Age, followed swiftly by Tokio, Frankfurt, New York and Hong Kong....

Once again 007 is forced to break all the rules. Blind frontal assault. Zero back-up except the untrained Natalya. No pre-planned escape route.

JAMES BOND is back, with a VENGEANCE!

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  1. Goldeneye is a very god film, is the Bond´s return in cines after 6 year. Pierce as a very good actor.