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After a one year and a half hiatus, we proceed with the "trivia facts about GOLDENEYE" article. We've seen some trivia of the 1995 film in part 1 and the 1997 Nintendo 64 videogame in part 2 back in 2011. Now, in part 3 we'll explore some trivia facts of another videogame, Electronic Arts' GOLDENEYE: ROUGE AGENT, released in 2004.


  • GOLDENEYE: ROGUE AGENT was the first Bond videogame ever not starring James Bond. The player gets on the role of an unknown MI6 agent who loses his eye in a fight against Dr No, which causes him to carry on missions in a gratitous violent way and gets fired by MI6. He's then recruited to join Auric Goldfinger's war against Dr No, which rewards him with a bionic eye built by Francisco Scaramanga and gets christened as "GoldenEye" by Pussy Galore.

    GoldenEye, a vengative agent dismissed from
    MI6 who joins forces with Goldfinger

  • Due to his short cameo in the game, Pierce Brosnan didn't provide his likeness or voice to James Bond. The character got the artificial look of 2001's AGENT UNDER FIRE and was voiced by Jason Carter, and is a victim of one of GoldenEye's "brutality attacks" during a virtual reality simulation of the Fort Knox mission inspired by the climax of the 1964 film GOLDFINGER.
    Xenia Onatopp was voiced by
    Jenya Lano.
  • Despite the appaerance of various Bond characters in the film, only Judi Dench and Christopher Lee provided their voice to the roles of M and Scaramanga. Xenia Onatopp, Dr. No, Pussy Galore were voiced by Jenya Lano, Carlos Alazraqui and Jeannie Elias, respectively.
  • Veteran Bond set designer Ken Adam worked on the game, re-designing his original film sets.
  • As it later happened with Activision's GOLDENEYE 007 remakes, it was also rumoured that this game would be a second-generation version of Rare's 1997 game because of the title. Othe rrumors even implied that parts of the original game would be included as an easter egg on the game.

    Natasha Bedingfield sings
    "If You're Gonna Jump" for the end credits.
  • Actress Jessica Biel, who starred in THE ILLUSIONIST oposite Edward Norton, was rumoured to provide the likeness and voice for Pussy Galore. It's still unknown why the idea hasn't prosperred.
  • The game's multiplayer version includes Bond maps like Fort Knox, the Volcano Lair and Zorin's Blimp from GOLDFINGER, YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE and A VIEW TO A KILL. For unknown reasons, two maps were axed from the final game: St Cyril's monastery from FOR YOUR EYES ONLY and Piz Gloria from ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE. The latter would resurface from the single campaign and multiplayer modes for Activision's 007 LEGENDS.
  • In the tradition of the Electronic Arts 007 games, it was expected that a talented singer would perform a song for the main titles for the game. Finally, the opening credits contained a remix by composer Paul Oakenfold (who remixed the James Bond Theme for the DIE ANOTHER DAY promotions in 2002). For the game end credits, we can hear "If You're Gonna Jump" by British singer Natasha Bedingfield, who would later provide the  voice and likeness for the character of Elizabeth Stark for the 2005 game FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. The song can be found on Bedingfield's album "Unwritten."

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