Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Last Saturday, October 27th, Argentinean radio hosts Sebastián de Caro and Diego Fernández put in practice the "lost art of interrogation" in their Metro 9.51 FM programme "Cómo Robar el Mundo" (How to steal the world) with our editor Nicolás Suszczyk, who talked about GOLDENEYE, SKYFALL and everything concerning the world's most famous secret agent celebrating it's golden anniversary this year. You can listen to an excerpt (subtitled in English) of the programme here.

Our editor wants to deeply thank the producers and hosts of the show who, besides showing there are still some hopes of having a decent Bond chit-chat with the Argentinean media, gave him the SKYFALL soundtrack and one sheet poster as a gift, plus the chance of drinking a Vesper Martini!

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