Friday, 14 September 2012


Remember the cardboard SKYFALL standees seen in many countries like the US, UK, Spain, France and Argentina? 

Well, some months later, a second teaser poster (Quad version, which is the landscape poster format used in Great Britain) was seen in the UK and throughout the web and, of course, some copies were available for sale through eBay.

Now, we have not only found a Hi-Res version of that quad poster, but a One-Sheet "domestic" version for the US market using the same artwork.

Even when the official Facebook ( & Twitter ( Bond account released it formally yesterday, our affiliated site James Bond Brasil discovered it on the IMDb some hours before.

Unlike the British quad version, the one sheet American poster features the film's credits - including "editor Stuart Baird" and "director of photography Roger Deakins", abscent from the UK Character Banners who had the film credits but omitted these crew members for unknown reasons.

The SKYFALL Royal Premiere is scheduled for October 23 at the Royal Albert Hall, where the 40th Annoversary Bond film DIE ANOTHER DAY was also held. The film opens in the UK on October 26.

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